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Marketing Contact Marketing line: (5411) 4306-0013

Héctor Albani Sales and Marketing Manager

Adriana Santi General Coordinator of Cable Advertising Sales

Silvia Rivas Sales Executive
Guillermo Miller Sales Executive

Ana Carolina Lambán Sales Executive
Sebastián Villazan Gago Sales Executive

Andrea Marcuzzi NTA & New Business General Coordinator

Carolina Gerding NTA & New Business Coordinator

Noelia Pombo NTA Sales Executive

Carolina Walker Special Business Sales Executive

Mariela Morales NTA Commercial Analyst

Karina Garibotti New Business Sales Executive

Noelia Scheel Special Business & Barter Coordinator

María Laura Rama Barter Sales Executive

Ludmila Hajwentreger PNT Commercial Analyst

Sofia Barrio NTA Commercial Analyst

Malena Martin Analyst of exchanges and perks

Adriana Santi General Coordinator of Cable Advertising Sales

Diego Di Carlo Sales Executive

María Inés Goldar Sales Executive

Maximiliano Soria Sales Executive

María Laura Ponte Sales Executive

Manuel Vega Díaz Sales to Interior General Coordinator

Fernando Bono Sales Executive

Federico Saconi Sales Executive

Paola Strucchi Commercial Assistant

Ignacio Prez Coordinador General Digital

Virginia Riggi Sales Chief

Jimena Alagia Sales Executive

Gustavo Vitale Sales Executive

Matías Piqueras Sales Executive

Natalia Biga Sales Executive

Adriana Grizzo Sales Executive

Gonzalo Amorena Digital Monetization Chief

Mariano Zarate Jefe de Branded Content

Ariel Aguarón Commercial Controller

Daniel Sagripanti Chief Sales Administrator

Jorge González Chief of Visual Art and Design

Silvia Carna Sales Coordinator

Viviana Ciol Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area Operations Coordinator

María Florencia Dumpierres Interior Operations Coordinator

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Ad rates
  • eltrece (Buenos Aires) $36,000

  • El Doce (Córdoba) $3,700

  • Canal Siete (Bahía Blanca) $1,650

  • El Seis (Bariloche) $820

  • Canal Diez (Tucumán) $1,850

  • Canal Diez (Mar del Plata) $1,950

  • Canal Nueve (Litoral) $1,800

  • Canal Nueve (Resistencia) $1,450

  • Televisión Rionegrina (Río Negro) $1,550


Opening and closing spots up to 15 seconds

3-second scene bumpers

Product Placement



With a modern approach and innovative story for the local screen, this new series tells the story of two couples who are neighbors. The men, Tomás (Amigorena) and Alfred (Ajaka), have been friends since childhood. Their respective wives, Natalia (Peña) and Verónica (Krum), are very close friends. Their children have practically grown up together, almost like siblings. And their families -especially Marcela (Santa Ana) Tomás's sister- employees, bosses and friends –among which Susan (Toscano), intimate friend of Natalia, stands out- all know each other. They have shared vacations, celebrations and the house, because both couples have lived next door to each other for 25 years. However, their quiet routines which appear to be absolutely happy will be shaken by news that will bring to the present an affair of the past, a love that, until this day, two of these friends have decided to keep secret so as not to hurt anyone...

A comedy about how to break a family into a thousand pieces... and then try to pick them up and put them back together again...


Mike Amigorena
Paola Krum
Florencia Peña
Alberto Ajaka
Muriel Santa Ana
Gabriela Toscano
Carlos Belloso
Mauricio Dayub
Jimena Barón
Mario Pasik
Betiana Blum
Lizy Tagliani
Darío Barassi
Julián Serrano
Manuela Viale