El Trece Satelital

El Trece combines fiction, news and entertainment to satisfy its demanding audience with a wide selection of shows. Our professionalism, artistic quality, innovation and technological developments have made El Trece the top in the media.


Quiero Música en Mi Idioma

The music channel only in Spanish. Leader of its kind with a wide selection of programming, from national and Latin American rock, hip-hop, reggaeton, alternative music, pop and ballads, amongst others.


Ciudad Magazine

The channel with its own programming and production made with the format and technology of broadcast television. Magazine is top in the ratings and is the most popular variety channel.



Todo Noticias

Todo Noticias is the leading news source of cable TV in Argentina. Serious and credible professionals make this the most popular news channel. Always counting on high-quality content and national productions. 




Being the owner of the biggest national film archive of all times, Volver is the channel that preserves Argentina's memory of television. The programs shown on Volver are known to be genuine manifestations of the "best of our culture".